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Validate Oracle Backups with Veeam

This one will be short and sweet...

Validating database backups are crucial for ensuring restores are actually useable in the event of a disaster or attack. With Veeam's Oracle RMAN plug-in DBAs can continue to leverage the same validate commands they are accustom to, while also providing visibility and governance to the data protection team.

validate backupset <backupset number>

There are a number of validate commands a DBAs can run. Anything from validating a database to a control file to a specific table. As you can see above, DBAs can run the same RMAN commands they are familiar with, but if the Veeam plug-in is installed the verification will come from the backup file on the Veeam repository. This enables data protection teams to still have governance over all the backups the business is responsible for, while also enabling DBAs to keep responsibility over database protection and recovery activities. Best of both worlds.

As shown above, Veeam administrators have visibility into any validate, restore or backup commands Oracle DBAs run.

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