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Why Veeam

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

One of the most common questions I'm asked from both partners and prospective clients is, "Why Veeam?" Immediately my mind goes everywhere from how R&D and Product Management operate to ensure quality and content meet the market needs to Veeam's specific capabilities that keep businesses running.

I'll save you the soliloquy though and boil it down to 5 reasons I see companies choose Veeam:

#1 - Total Cost of Ownership

Veeam's ability to immediately plug-and-play in any datacenter on day-1 is a huge advantage to both IT and finance. Being software-only enables clients to leverage existing or repurposed hardware with Veeam. Whether it is a dedupe appliance like Data Domain, JBOD servers like Cisco, Dell, HPE or NAS/Object storage on-prem or in the cloud Veeam can put that gear to work. Not only will Veeam take advantage of those as backup targets, but also integrate with them in a way that provides immutable protection. With over 90 hardware integrations it is easy to design an economical solution.

#2 - Fastest Recovery Options

Ransomware is relentless and top of mind for every organization. It has always been important to properly design for recovery in case of disaster, but now designing for recovery is more critical than ever as ransomware is the worst and most common type of disaster. Gartner recently published a report on how recovering from ransomware requires a multi-layered recovery plan. Veeam is the only vendor in the backup industry that offers restore capabilities at no a-la-carte pricing from backups, replicas and snapshots.

  • Backups - Because Veeam is software-only you can design a solution that backs up mission critical data to all-flash storage providing the fastest recovery from backup possible

  • Replicas - the terminology replica is used a little to loosely in the backup industry, but when Veeam talks about replicas we are talking about true DR and fastest RTOs possible because our replicas are actual VMs that already spun up with the latest changes applied. Simply need to right-click and hit failover and the time to recover is the time it takes to boot up a machine

  • Snapshots - Veeam integrates with dozens of primary storage vendors to provide the ability to recover from snapshots whether we orchestrated those snaps or not. I have seen several examples of us helping clients recover from ransomware attacks by performing Instant VM Recoveries off their secondary primary arrays which is much more performant than restoring from spinning disk backups

You don't have to just take my word for it though. A study done by IDC found that Veeam offers 5x faster recovery than the industry average.

#3 - Single Platform for On-prem, Cloud and SaaS

Terminology like single pane of glass and single UI are thrown around liberally in IT. Veeam is dedicated to being the vendor organizations can turn to for any workload though. Whether it's SaaS offerings like M365 or SFDC, PaaS services like AWS RDS or Azure SQL, containers on any of the major distributions or databases like SQL, Oracle, HANA, DB2, etc, Veeam has your back. All with native APIs to enable organization to automate any task.

#4 - Multi-cloud Mobility

I see many organizations moving to cloud for their DR strategy. It is a great idea in theory, but several don't test or understand what recovery times would like if their on-prem datacenter were to be hit by a disaster or a ransomware attack. With Veeam though from the same console and license file users manage both cloud and on-prem workloads. The true beauty of this is the ability to restore and move data cross-platform. Whether it's VMware to AWS, AWS to Azure, GCP to VMware, etc. It does not matter. Any permutation you can think with VMware and the three major cloud providers Veeam can move and restore that data.

I have seen clients who's primary DC was off-limits due to a ransomware attack as cyber-insurance companies and/or three letter agencies did their investigations. Luckily with Veeam, their ability to restore virtual or physical machines directly into AWS, Azure or GCP is what kept their business running.

#5 - Proven at Scale

Veeam's commitment to security to meet enterprise needs is a top priority. The proof is in the pudding with certifications like DoDIN APL, Common Criteria, FIPS 140-2 and many others highlighted here. Veeam's focus on security and ability to scale is what leads to success and numbers shown below. We wouldn't be in 81% of the Fortune 500, have over 1,400 federal accounts and have deployments in the tens of thousands of machines both on-prem and in the cloud if security and scalability weren't top of mind for R&D and PM.

In addition to our commitment to the enterprise, is our support organization. With a satisfaction rate of 98% and 11 locations around the globe (3 in the North America) Veeam is committed to solving customer issues as quickly possible. We even have a support arm dedicated to ransomware cases nicknamed the Ransomware SWAT Team. Any case tagged with ransomware is routed to them and their average time to resolution is 16 hours.


The list can go on and on but luckily for you I've learned from earlier in my career folks don't want the monologue answer to, "Why Veeam?" These are the main reasons I see prospective clients become clients. To sum it up, Veeam offers the best balance between cost, performance, ease-of-use and security the industry can provide.

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