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Meet All SLAs with Veeam

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

This post has been on my to-do list for a while now. It won't be my most technical or longest post by any means, but it's a topic that needs more love. It always surprises me how many folks think the name of the product is Veeam Backup and Recovery, when in fact it's Veeam Backup and Replication. Veeam's greatest superpower is right in the name of the product, and I am always shocked how little it is used.

Within one user interface and license customers have the ability to both backup and replicate. There is not a console or license that Veeam offers that only enables backup or only enables replication. Veeam kills two birds with one stone. What is such a major differentiator about this is that when Veeam speaks about replication, we are not referring to offsite or secondary backup copies. We call those backup copy jobs. When Veeam talks about replication, we are referring to true disaster recovery capabilities that include one-click failover/failback in a matter of minutes or even seconds now with v11.

Veeam v11 introduced Continuous Data Protection (CDP) which enables this same high-level functionality, but it can reduce RPOs to seconds instead of minutes. To achieve these sub-minute RPOs we integrate with VMware's vSpehere APIs for I/O (VAIO). VMware developed the vSphere APIs for I/O to allow deeper access into the hypervisor to intercept Input/Output data directly as they occur. This validated method allows RPOs to be set to seconds instead of minutes, dramatically changing the way in which workloads can be protected.

Most of this information you might be familiar with, but it is important to highlight once again that with the addition of CDP you can protect workloads across all SLAs. This perhaps is the biggest differentiator in the marketplace from a total cost of ownership perspective. The ability to leverage one product for requirements that typically mandate two enables customers to meet technical, business and budget objectives.


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