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A Quick Setup Guide to Veeam Agent for AIX

An under the radar enhancement in Veeam v11a is that protecting AIX servers can now be centrally monitored and managed on the Veeam Backup & Replication (VBR) server. In addition, you can now perform file-level recovery from Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager. This post will be a quick and dirty guide to the configuration of just that. So let's get started.

Create a Protection Group

On the VBR server create a Protection Group and select "Computers with pre-installed agents." This will download the Veeam AIX agent packages needed for installation to a location of your choosing.

As you can see below there are packages for AIX as well Solaris.

Then use whichever file transfer tool you prefer to move the files from VBR to the AIX server. I am using WinSCP below.

Install Veeam Agent for AIX

Untar the Veeam agent file using the below command.

tar -xvzf VeeamAgentSolaris-

Install the agent.

pkgadd -G -d ./VeeamAgent-

Connect the AIX server to VBR by executing the below XML file. This can take several minutes.

veeamconfig mode setvbrsettings --cfg AIXProd.xml

The server should now display in your protection group.

Create a Backup Job

On the Veeam Backup server we can now create a backup job.

Rather than waiting the default 6 hours for the AIX server to sync with VBR after creating the backup job, you can run the below command. This can take several minutes to run.

veeamconfig mode syncnow

You can see the configuration applied on the AIX server as shown below. The backup job I created will run daily at 10pm and protect everything from the root directory.

veeamconfig job list (to find the name of the job)
veeamconfig job info --name <job-name>

Once the backup job runs you can view the details of the job both in VBR and on the AIX server. If you don't want to wait until 10pm you can run an ad-hoc backup.

veeamconfig job start --name <job-name>

Like I said, it would be a quick and dirty setup guide. That's all I have for you today. Hope this helps!

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